#RubinskyWedding Selecting Bridesmaids

At some point in my life I found myself making lists of who would be a bridesmaid in my wedding when I got married (maybe sometime in high school this started). When I was younger it was a way for me to distinguishing which friends in my life were closer than others. While some bridesmaids got deleted from the list, others added, and some remained on the list (like my best friend since 10th grade, Teri). Over time however I matured and the list grew more stringent, as girls got deleted off my ‘list’ it was harder to add others because I realized while this month I absolutely LOVED spending time with this friend would they really be a lasting friend?? SO when I finally got engaged I already had my ‘list’, it had been rather constant for a while at that point – all the girlfriends on it had been on it for over two years, so I felt pretty confident about it.


In Love with this photo, it just reaffirms my feelings for all of my good friends, all of my bridesmaids I have known for more than seven years expect two, one is almost at that seven year mark and the other went through a pretty intense year of grad school with me so she is around for good!

Next I needed a fun way to ‘ask’ my bridesmaids to be bridesmaids. I decided to make brides maid hangars to give them. DIY on how to found here: http://www.butterflykissesmd.com/diy/diy-bridal-party-hanger/   I also gave them a card which asked ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’, included a personal note, some FYIs for the bridesmaids, and a small important dates card (for them to put on their fridge)! The FYIs included information about not having a MOH (I couldn’t pick just one or two so I decided not to have one) (someone later told me that they made all their girls MOHs — I love that idea) and who will be in charge of what since there is no overall designated person.


Next came to actually asking them. I started the bridesmaid ask ‘tour’ at my engagement party and then asked the other girls as I saw them. The first two I ask were my Little Sister Liz and my cousin Kelly. Then I ask Stephanie, who I have known in school for a while and became super close with during grad school, and Kayla, who has been one of my closest friends since senior year of high school (06). I did this before Stephanie’s bach. I asked Teri while we were out to dinner together. I got a chance to ask my cousin Laura at a family party. Finally, I got to ask Angie (who I got to know after high school in our late teens and became super close in our early 20s) at a girls night together. I am so happy they all said yes!!! And I can’t wait to spend some quality time with them in the preparation for the wedding, and share my big day with them!!!

XOX Kate


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