My Love Story–The somewhat short but not really version…

I suppose it is time to share my love story with y’all….

Jon and I met our Junior year in High School. Mid-year, I started sitting at a new lunch table and that is where Jon sat. My first impression of him? Ha. Welllll, boys will be boys, so naturally he took my pink purse and took out my phone {unbeknownst to me, he stuck his number in it…cheeky boy…} and asked, “Who is Pood-less?” {Back story, my mom and I have silly nicknames for each other and I call her Poodles}. He was in my contacts and read poodles wrong. I literally–YES LITERALLY– thought, “I feel sorry for the woman who ends up with him.” When I corrected him, his defense was, “Where would I ever need to read the word POODLES?”

Fast forward a few weeks…We had discovered that we shared first period together so Jon walked me to class and then to second period. We were only friends,  and I could never be into a guy who couldn’t read OR spell! haha We were assigned a group project, so naturally Jon and I paired up. He came to my house and we worked on our posterboard. My mom teased him about the Pood-less thing and it was like Jon became part of the family that second. Anyways, while working on this posterboard and listening to old 90s music, we became best friends.

Junior Prom came up and I think that was when we really fell for each other. You see, Jon had a girlfriend so I automatically said NOPE to even the possibility of liking him. He was so pale, and had long shaggy hair and glasses–UBER NERD ALERT. At prom he brought his girlfriend and she was upsetting him. It made me really sad that he was so miserable during this fun time. When I got home, I found myself really upset with how he was treated and then I immediately knew I was developing feelings for him.

A few weeks later, Jon was ‘single’ and asked me on our first date. I could tell you every single detail of our life, but I will spare y’all! haha. By the end of Senior year Jon told me that he was going to marry me. It took me years to truly believe him. He says he just knew that I was going to be his. {Cue the AWWWW lol}


2007 Family trip to California

The proposal was absolutely amazing and crazy.

We were going to DC. I woke up and was having a “Fat day.” What’s this? I was miserable, felt ugly and fat, and just wanted to sleep all day and watch tv. Jon was being a bum– “YOU ARENT FAT AND WEAR A DRESS!” Uhhh what did you say? Anyways, my mom’s friend was down with her daughters and even they were pushing for me to wear a dress. I thought everyone was crazy. I did NOT wear a dress haha.

On our drive to the National Cathedral {Stop one}, Jon grabbed my left hand and said, “Oh S***! I meant to get your nails done!” Boom. Today was it. I knew it. You see, for YEARS I had made up scenarios and assumed he would pop the question and it never happened. But this was huge-first the dress, now the nails, a family trip, oh and Jon bought a video camera and brought it with him–to DC so it made NO sense to me! Well, the ENTIRE time we walked the cathedral, I was rubbing myself on Jon hoping to feel a ring box. Imagine how embarassing this was because I felt NOTHING. {Jon gave my dad the box because he KNEW I would figure it out!!!} On our way out, he said, “Let’s get a picture of us in front of the cathedral.” It was about to happen. People crowded around, my whole family stood with cameras, my mom had Jon’s video camera…

He knelt down and opened that amazing blue Tacori ring box and I was in SHOCK. I kept saying, “Are you sure? Is this really happening?” I obviously said yes once the shock wore off!!

June 26, 2010 was the day… We had been together just over 5 years ♥



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