Country Elegance: Mr. and Mrs. Strite

Tim and Chelsea attend EBT together and quickly fell in love… the deep, one true love we all dream about. Just being with them, seeing how they interact with one another, I could tell these two could not wait to get married! Their wedding day was seriously the most organized and calm wedding day I have yet to experience.

Every single family member, church member and friend were one team, pulling together to make all the tiny details of Chelsea’s pink and black country wedding come to life. From warming the food for the reception to setting out straw bales for decoration, everyone had a job to do. And they did it with love and happy, smiling faces!

The ceremony was so sweet and included a short message of love and God’s salvation, which totally exhibited the hearts of Tim and Chelsea. Sealing their marriage with their FIRST KISS, they could not have smiled any brighter as they walked back down the aisle to enjoy the rest of their fairytale day. 2015-07-30_0008.jpg 2015-07-30_0010.jpg 2015-07-30_0009.jpg 2015-07-30_0004.jpg 2015-07-30_0012.jpg 2015-07-30_0002.jpg 2015-07-30_0003.jpg 2015-07-30_0011.jpg 2015-07-30_0001.jpg 2015-07-30_0006.jpg 2015-07-30_0007.jpg 2015-07-30_0005.jpg 2015-07-30_0013.jpg 2015-07-30_0014.jpg

Oh, by the way, the bride did this herself–including cooking all the food! Can you say SUPERBRIDE???

Photography: Megan Johnson Photography


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