Whatever Souls Are Made Of… Emily and Pete’s Terrapin Beach Wedding

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

The quote belongs to author Emily Bronte, but it might as well have come from our bride, Emily Brown, talking about her new husband, Pete Theodore. That quote always sounded like song lyrics to me, which is quite appropriate for this bride and groom. Their story spans three decades and even includes its own soundtrack. You know how couples have “their song?” Emily and Pete have a playlist of more than 50 songs. In fact, I don’t think I could write their story with words. No, for this I would have to use song lyrics…..”All of me loves all of you…forever yours, faithfully….after all that we’ve been through, it all comes down to me and you…..life with you makes perfect sense, you’re my best friend.” (Ten points and bragging rights if you can name the song and artist of all four songs!)

Emily and Pete met in 1985, in the middle of 7th grade. “I knew that southern sweetheart would be mine even before she knew my name,” Pete declared. During their 8th grade year, they went to the movies with a large group of their friends and, in the middle of “White Nights”, Pete made his move and kissed her. “It was our first love; and a full and forever love, too.”  From that moment on, they were inseparable.   “Even as young kids, we knew that our love was very real and very rare, “Emily says.  Friday nights were spent at the movies together, but as Emily admits, “I couldn’t tell you one minute of any movie I supposedly saw that year.” On Valentine’s Day, Pete arranged to present a single red rose to Emily in front of the class.  When the moment came, Pete told her: “Even with the best of care this bloom will perish; but my love for you will never die.” They didn’t know it, but life was about to deliver a heartbreaking blow…

The summer after their 8th grade year, Pete’s father, who served in the military, was transferred to Maryland.  Emily and Pete were completely devastated.  ”To be honest, that Emily-shaped hole in my heart never went away – only she could, and has, filled that void so that now it overflows with richness!” Heartbroken, Emily wrote Pete a note in his 8th grade yearbook. “I told him that that we would be together again one day and that I would marry him. I was very serious, obviously.”  The two kept in touch off and on for years but eventually married other people and had children. Then, years later, they found each other on Facebook, both single. They were reconnected and eventually, happily, reunited.

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Pete’s proposal came as a complete surprise to Emily, who admits that she is extremely hard to surprise. “We both love music and had tickets to see a band, Blue October, whose emotional songs really mean a lot to us. Petey seemed a bit distracted that night. As we walked hand in hand to the car after, Petey randomly commented that he REALLY loved something- I don’t remember what-  and I joked “well if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” He immediately stopped (ironically, just in front of a beautiful flowing fountain of water) got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him on a busy street corner in the middle of Silver Spring. Kinda funny that I said those words at that time, having no knowledge of this, but that’s kinda how it goes with us. It was magical.”  Pete explained his distraction.

“The hope was to propose while Blue October played Not Broken Anymore or Angel in Everything off their new album Sway. I prepped the crowd to be ready for it, but the band manager couldn’t get the set list changed in time.  Still, there was NO WAY I was going home with that ring in my pocket!  She gave me an opening, and I dropped to my knee…..”

Emily and Pete’s hope was for a simple, sweet, special wedding ceremony.  They chose Terrapin Beach for many reasons, but Pete describes it best. “Nature provides a profound cathedral for occasions such as this.  The sand, the sun, the breeze; our precious family and friends; and the lapping waves of the Chesapeake Bay certainly enveloped us in God’s love as we pledged our own to each other….the dream born in our young hearts came true!”

Emily and Pete, we are incredibly honored that you chose us to capture such an emotional and beautiful day. Your wedding and your story will go down as one of our favorites of all time. Thank you for allowing us be a part of it.

I’ll close with this, which I’m sure will have Emily and Pete singing along…..

“I’ll whisper in your ear, you are mine, and you will never have to be alone. And when I pull you near, you’ll know I love you like I never loved anyone. So let me be the one to lift you up, I’ll carry you home.

‘Cause now I’m here to keep you safe, and to catch you when you fall.

Can you feel my heart, beating underneath these stars? You’re the Angel that came, and took these clouds away. You made me believe! Never be weak, be strong.

Live every moment like an Angel flies.” –Angel in Everything, Blue October



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