My Best Friend is Engaged!


Have you been this excited for your friends? Welllll, I have three girls that I basically died when they got engaged. Olga, whom I have mentioned several times before, was the first of the three and I was completely left in the dark on this…I screamed in the car when she called to tell me! {Find Olga’s wedding here} Then there was Morgan, I don’t think I have mentioned her on BKMD just yet. She was my college roommate and I have officially adopted her as my little sister. I was in the loop the WHOLE time with her engagement. More on her to come….

kate and devin

But now there is Kate. I met Kate Fall of 2005. We were seniors and shared Homeroom and Psychology AP. We have been together through good times (getting our driver’s licenses, graduation, engagements…) and bad times (one of her ex boyfriends gave her a dying rose on V-day! LOL) I can always count on her to be there, to call me out when needed, and to just let me vent to her without her judgment or even without a response-other than acknowledgement that she heard me. I value our friendship and respect and love her more than I could ever share with words.  I LOVE YOU, KATE!! ♥ Anyways…………..

At our friend Angie's wedding this year...

At our friend Angie’s wedding this year…

kate and i

Party in Baltimore after we turned 21!

Party in Baltimore after we turned 21!

Our friend's 21st

Our friend’s 21st

Right after high school

Right after high school

I want to share the BKMD news…

Butterfly Kisses is going to follow Kate’s wedding planning process; from her love and engagement story to picking a date and booking vendors. UNFORTUNATELY Kate has decided to torture her friends by making us wait until October 2016 for this Love-Filled day, BUT she is probably the BEST planning person I know. Every month we will have some fun news to share!

Stay tuned for the first of the Rubinsky Series…Coming In January…

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