Danielle and Kris’ Wedding

Kris and Danielle met the way many couples do: through a mutual friend.When Danielle’s family moved, Danielle met her future best friend who lived across the street. Danielle said her friend went to school with him and she introduced me her future husband. They  started to talk through instant messenger and she soon attended their youth group. After four months, he asked her on a date.

Kris ordered up a surprise for their engagement. With Chinese carryout and a bottle of wine, he opened all the boxes while Danielle was in another room. Danielle recounts, “He told me that the Chinese place gave us an extra box, but that it wasn’t rice that was in the box and he wanted me to come check it out.” She opened the “extra” box, and completely awestruck, finally managed to say “that’s not rice.”  She I turned around to find him kneeling. He popped the question as she just stood there again for a minute with my mouth wide open. Her answer? “Of course I will!”

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Venue: Elks Lodge in Prince Frederick, MD.

Favors: DIY by Danielle and her friends.

DJ: Crow Entertainment

Photographer: Danny Douglas Photography

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