#RubinskyWedding Love Story and Engagement

Devin and Kate met Fall of 2011. I remember Kate texting me after their first date, she was excited and couldn’t wait to hear from him again. Their second meeting was a double date with Jon and I, and the guys seemed to hit it off as they talked about work, travel, and beer {insert eye roll here lol}. There was something different about Devin because during their time dating, Kate was probably the happiest I had ever see her. She had a glow and her eyes lit up when she talked about a possible future with this man.

kate and devin

Two years later, Kate was staying with Devin so much, she requested a key. On the day that Kate moved in, they were leaving the house and Devin asked her to lock up. With frustration, Kate held up her key ring and said, “I can’t!!! You haven’t given me a key!!!” Devin told her to look closer and she noticed a new key was hanging. It stood out because it had their favorite baseball team’s logo on it. Devin and Kate have a very playful relationship, definitely proving their foundation is on a wonderful friendship.


Fast forward a little bit…Devin was invited to a wedding in London. {Insert jealousy 😉 } Of course Kate would be his plus one, and her planning began. All of her friends kept saying, “I bet he is going to propose!” Kate was hoping he would do it sooner because of her ‘plan.’ Now, there is a thing about Kate, call it her ‘quirk’ if you will. She is super planner – like super-duper Planner McPlannerson! So of course her life would have a specific timeline {something I know a lot of you women have! I definitely did!}

kate and devin wedding

At the wedding in London!

kate in london


Fun in England!

Fun in England!

She planned on being married at 27 on a beautiful, fall day; then enjoy a year as newlyweds before starting her family. As time passed, Kate finally told Devin plan. Being the typical man, he sat and listened, then said okay. Now, to stick to this plan, Devin needed to propose BEFORE England. But as they say, “You make a plan and God laughs.”

kate and devin almost engaged

Just before Devin popped the question! {London Bridge in back!!}



Here is Kate’s story:

There were a couple of occasions where I thought he was going to propose. One night out at fancy dinner in September he kept on reaching around in his pockets like he was looking for something, I got really nervous and then….finally pulled out his phone. Then once we were one our England trip we were out for a fancy dinner and I was looking around cause the restaurant was decorated cool and I hear a clap like a jewelry box closing…I get really nervous…I look and it was just his money clip. It was that evening I wondered why I was getting so nervous, I knew what my answer was going to be…I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him…so why was I so nervous?

During the England trip there were a few other instances where I thought he was going to propose – he wanted to go to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, but we decided against it because I was feeling sick and had had a cold. On one of the last days of our trip we went to the Tower of London, we had been walking around exploring the different exhibits, when we went outside and it had stopped raining. Devin said he wanted to take a few pictures of Tower Bridge (which is beautiful) from our vantage point and I decided to sit on a bench. He went off for a few minutes then came back for me. As we were walking off he said let’s take a selfie with Tower Bridge in the background – I thought it was odd that he suggested we take a photo because he never does, but I went along with it. After that he turned to me and was acting all lovey dovey – which he never does – and said to me, “I have something in my pocket for you”. I said, “that is nice why don’t you get it out.” We played back and forth for a few moments – but I knew what was coming. He finally asked me if he needed to get down on one knee because it had been raining and the ground was wet, I said no because it wasn’t important to me. He pulled out the ring and I said YESSSS!!! Then I asked if he was asking me to marry him, just to be sure, and he confirmed. We then took a post selfie. One of the biggest questions I have gotten was did we have a crowd of people watching us? When I finally did start paying attention I did not notice any onlookers – it was just a special moment between the two of us and it was perfect. So back to the nervous part – I was not nervous at all when he did actually propose, I had gotten over the jitters by that point.   The proposal was VERY us. Our relationship is very playful and our engagement captured that perfectly.

So to wrap up this LONG story I am engaged to the love of my life and couldn’t be happier. OH and that timeline that I kept on talking about, that has shifted a year but I am completely okay with that, now I have plenty of time to plan!!!

kate and devin

Butterfly Kisses wants to congratulate Kate and Devin and cannot wait for the next of the series! Picking a Date and Venue!

Coming in February.

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