Real Brides: What is something you wish you could have changed?

Butterfly Kisses asked five real brides what they would change if they could. Of course there’s that saying, ‘Hindsight, 20/20,’ right? Hopefully, y’all can learn from them!

wedding planning do over


  1. I wish we gave more directions to some of my vendors, such as picture ideas to my photographer and asking my DJ to shorten songs for the first dance, father-daughter dance and mother-groom dance   –they were waaaay too long lol. Another one was our officiant being dressed up as a catholic priest; with me being Orthodox and my husband Jewish and the wedding was a civil ceremony, we probably should have articulated to him that we would like him to just dress in a suit  –O.B.
  2. We wish we could change having oversized reception venue, we would have preferred for it to feel crowded versus desolate. –C.M.
  3. I wish we had invited more people and wish Dave was involved more. Our biggest regret though was the cake. It was terrible lol. –A.S.
  4. My mom really hated her hair and makeup. Instead of rushing to the ceremony, I wished I would have waited until the stylist had fixed it. Also wished that the venue served the whole cake to my guests because there was too much left over and taken home and wasted. –O.M.
  5. We should have had a better idea for the guests to sign instead of picture frame….one friend decided to write something inappropriate & now that is collecting dust somewhere. –A.K.

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