Natural Looks by Victoria

Hi Victoria! Butterfly Kisses is so excited to have Natural Looks by Victoria on the blog! You are just so amazing and talented, this is such an honor!

Victoria is working her magic!

Victoria is working her magic!

Explain the importance of you philosophy. Why should brides choose to look natural? I believe that less is more!

My first instinct is never to paint her face, but to enhance her features – still keeping her true to herself! It’s always easier to add more as we go then to have the shock of looking unrecognizable. {I completely agree. A bride should always look like herself!}

You are pretty darn good at what you do, so this may be a silly question! 😉 Why did you choose to become a makeup artist? How long have you been doing wedding makeup?  

This is a new business for me – only 4 years old! I completely fell into makeup. About 5 years ago I was selling Arbonne, when Arbonne came out with a new makeup line. I fell in love with the make up and started doing bridal shows to get in front of women. I would book a home party with these brides –to- be and would give them make overs. Well, these brides wanted to book me for their wedding. After the 10th or so bride, I finally decided to become a Certified makeup artist and launched my business in 2010!

What services/packages does Natural Looks by Victoria offer?

I’m on location on their wedding day – wherever they want me is where I travel to. I offer all inclusive make up packages or a la carte.  

Photo by Danny Douglas Photography

Photo by Danny Douglas Photography

What beauty products do you use on your brides?  

I hate cheap make up. Some of my favorite brands are Naked, Jane Iredale, Benefit, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever, MAC.

Do you do a makeup trial before the wedding?

Yes! I highly recommend doing a trial before the wedding. My consult fee ranges in price (depending if I travel to her or she travels to me) $50-$75.

If the bride changes her mind on what she wants, do you charge for another trial?

A bride can change her mind as many times as she wants leading up to her wedding. It depends what she wants differently that I might recommend a 2nd consult.   Yes, I do charge for a 2nd consult.

Do you have a portfolio for brides to view upon meeting you?

Yes, I have a portfolio. I also have a website and my Facebook business page is my most updated “portfolio” . You will also see several testimonials from my brides on my Facebook page.

What kind of prep does the bride need to do on her wedding day, before you apply makeup?  

Besides getting lots of sleep (yeah right) leading up to the wedding day , I recommend drinking lots of water. A hydrated face is always best. {Sleep is a big beauty tip we hear all the time. I know it is very hard to have a full night’s rest right before your wedding, but try!!}

Do you work on location? Do you have an assistant? Do you stay all day or through the ceremony for touch ups?

Yes I’m on location. If I feel the need for another makeup artist to assist me, I have several in the area that I can call upon. I can stay all day to do touch-ups if a bride wants me to – it is a package that I can offer.

Are you comfortable with working with all ethnicities?

Yes I am.

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How many weddings do you schedule on one day?

I can handle 2 weddings a day – of course depending on the time of either ceremony.

How soon should a bride book their wedding with you?

I book out anywhere from 3-9 months before the wedding.  I’m starting to book my 2015 now. {Hey girls, if you want Victoria, give her a call!! 😉 }

How do you handle a difficult bride? How about an opinionated family member?

Ha! Great question. It is something that I come across often.   I grin & bear it. I’m there to make the bride and her friends and family happy. It can be a stressful day for the bride, the last thing I’m going to do is add to it. {I had to ask because, let’s face it, this is going to happen. Stress makes people crazy!}

Are there any makeup trends that are going on right now?  

The big summer trend is orange lip color, purple shadows and very graphic eyeliner. However, for bridal reasons, I’m staying away from this particular trend!

What advice would you give a bride on her wedding day?

Stay calm. And try to remember the purpose of the day – not the details that you think are going wrong. {I completely, 100% agree! You WILL regret wasting your day worried! Sit back and enjoy the day. You are getting married to the love of your life, this is exciting!}

 Ok, let’s talk about YOU! You are gorgeous! What are your beauty secrets? Please don’t spare any details!  

You’re too sweet.   I think a good skin care regimen is soo important.   And using good products…sometimes that means expensive products. I having a saying – “cheap things arent’ nice and nice things aren’t cheap”   Spend money on good products and they will take care of your skin for you. Oh yeah, keep your face out of the sun!

What is your favorite look for a bride? What about the bridal party and family members?

I love popping the eyes with more of a subtle lip and cheek with a little glow. I like a classical sophisticated, chic look.

Describe your favorite bride/group you have worked on.  

I love walking into a room and the bride and her girls are in great spirits. Walking into a tension filled room, leaves me (and everybody else) feeling so tense!

I feel that every bride has SOMETHING crazy happen on her wedding day. What is the funniest/worst/etc thing that has happened to one of your brides?  

One wedding I worked on everybody was against her marrying him.   I’m putting make up on the mom and she’s crying, the grandmother is cursing, the sister is screaming. It was a hot mess!

What are your favorite wedding trends? If you could have a wedding RIGHT now, what would the theme/color scheme be?  

Living in Southern Maryland (I’m from New York City) I have fallen in love with the barn/rustic weddings. I love love the details given to these weddings.

Tell us more about yourself!  

I’m married (12 years this year), I have 2 kids. Jack (10) and Sofia (9). I’m from NYC . Spent my NYC career working as a talent agent in the voice-over world. I moved to Southern Maryland to raise my kids 8 years ago! {What a change to move from the Big City to Southern Maryland!}

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I really appreciate it.

{Of course, we are so grateful to have you on Butterfly Kisses!}

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

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