FAQ Friday is BACK!


Hey Y’all!

I want to keep  up with FAQ Friday because the whole point of BKMD is to make YOUR life easier when planning the wedding of your dreams!

The questions have slowed down, so this post is asking y’all to shoot BKMD some mind boggling problems you need help with!

Do you uninvite guests if you are over budget? Do Bridesmaids and Groomsmen need to match? How do I ask my Mother-in-Law to stop trying to plan my wedding?

What do I wear on my wedding night??…Yah, ask ANYTHING! It will all be anonymous, obviously :)

Comment below with questions, concerns, fears…Heck, comment below just because! 😉 BKMD is here to help! If you want, you can also PM BKMD’s Facebook or email weddings@butterflykissesmd.com

I look forward to hearing from you!! ♥


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