Damsel in Defense: How to be prepared!!


BKMD: Hi Caitlin and Kristin! I am thrilled to have the both of you on the blog today! Can you tell us about Damsel in Defense? {LOVING this name, by the way!!}

DiD: Damsel in Defense is built on the principles of educating, empowering and equipping women in a plethora of emergencies. We sell non-lethal means of self-defense to include pepper sprays and stun guns, as well emergency kits for various situations to ensure you are your own best line of defense!

BKMD: What made you decide to become a consultant?

DiD: Having grown up with a single mother, the “We’re women, hear us roar!” mentality was engrained from an early age.   We were taught to make eye contact and always be cognizant of our surroundings, but that’s not enough. I have always felt a personal responsibility to educate myself in self-defense. We were surfing the internet and stumbled upon the DiD website. After a few page clicks, we knew we had the opportunity to be a part of something special!  

BKMD: What kinds of parties do you offer? What happens at a Damsel in Defense party?

DiD: Our main goal is to hold what we call “Empower Hours” that give you a chance to learn about assault statistics, self-defense tactics, and education on the safe use of our products. We also plan on working with local law enforcement, as well as self-defense instructors that can come and speak or give tutorials during our Empower Hours. We understand that crazy schedules sometimes do not afford the opportunity to attend a party, so we also give our customers the opportunity to hold book parties where individuals can purchase items without being in attendance. 2014%20FW%20Security_On_The_Go_Product_Photo

BKMD: What products do you sell and what are some of your favorites?

DiD: We sell a plethora of self-defense products and personal alarms along with emergency kits (as we like to call them, “Hermergency kits”) for various situations. I am a personal fan of the “Pack a Punch” stun gun because its small enough not to take up real estate in my purse and it comes with a unique safety pin that renders the stun gun useless if an attacker were to take it from me. The Road Trip Emergency Auto Tool covers a wide array of vehicular emergency tools. It has a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, emergency light/alarm and LED flashlight all in one tool!


BKMD: Which items would you suggest for someone who isn’t sure if they need ‘defense’? How would you respond to someone if they said “I don’t need that!”

DiD: In this day in age, I’m not sure how anyone could feel they don’t need defense. I feel like every time you turn the news on, the majority of the stories are assault centric.   Unfortunately, we live in world with staggering statistics on assault:

 “1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.
College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted.
Every 2 minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted.
One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds.”

Damsel in Defense is all about education and empowerment. Even if someone were to say “I don’t need that”, I would hope they left our Empower Hour feeling more aware of their surroundings and personal safety.   We also sell a wide range of “Hermergency” products that are geared at defense from a different perspective. We’re not just about safety against an attacker, but safety in vehicular accidents, home invasion, and child safety. You can never be too prepared!

BKMD: Any last advice you would like to share?

DiD: I can understand how some of our products might make individuals feel uncomfortable. I’ve heard from moms that don’t feel comfortable having our products around their children. I cannot stress enough, we offer so much more than pepper spray and stun guns! We also have products that don’t have the juice, but pack a punch! Our “Sock it to Me” striking tool is a great example of a self-defense weapon that could save your life without the worry of harm to your children.

BKMD: What is the best way our readers can get in contact with you?

DiD: Both Caitlin and I can be reached on our cell phones; 240-925-6387 and 443-783-1530 respectively. We can also be reached on our DiD website or by email at TakeDSeriously@gmail.com.

Brides, these could be wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids! Cute and practical!! Not to mention reasonable pricing!!

Thank you Caitlin and Kristin for this opportunity to share the importance of self defense!


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