All About That Bride – Brunch with the Bride

The first of the new series, All About That Bride is on the Bridal Shower!!! This party is typically planned by your beautiful bridesmaids; however, it is common that your family/friends of family may want to–so check with them first! {Shout out to my mom and sisters–I had a beautiful shower!!}

This is ALMOST as difficult as planning a wedding, ALMOST as fun, but guess what? You will NOT have to lift a finger! {Unless you want to, of course!}

Brunch with the Bride is a fun and up and coming new favorite way to celebrate!

Bridesmaids, listen up! There are so many food options for this theme, have fun with it! Twist bacon to spruce it up or make sand dollar pancakes on a stick!

A very light and girly breakfast-and my fave- Parfaits! So many options!

Cute kabobs–keep the food simple and sticking to finger foods may be light on your wallet!

Look at the doughnut cake–simple and elegant!

Cute ways to serve or present simple items can be fun canisters and doileys!

Don’t forget about the drinks!

The tablescapes should be fun and the favors should be a reflection of the bride! And we will end with some invite options!

What are some of yoru favorite themes?

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