All About That Bride: Bachelorette Party Etiquette


I was recently talking to my friend, Kate, about a Bachelorette Party she is planning. It is a surprise for the Bride {I know she reads this} so I am not going to share what exactly will take place…Until after, of course!! The Bride is a sweet natured, good girl and Kate wanted her Bachelorette to match. I remember us brainstorming some ideas that were not only fun, but cheap and flexible for the other bridesmaids. I just posted a funny link on our Facebook link, so go check it out! The link reminded me that their is some etiquette that probably should be shared. We don’t want to end up like Kirsten Dunst in “Bachelorette” with a ruined wedding dress!

All About That Bride Bachelorette Etiquette


1. First and foremost, the Bachelorette is 100% All About That Bride!!! {#AATB}

rebel wilson

This means that no bridesmaid or team bride guest should not take the spotlight from her! Remember how Regan was so angry that Becky was getting married because she wasn’t ‘HOT’ enough or whatever? I mean seriously?? Make sure every activity is something she will enjoy, that she is the one getting the free drinks/appetizers, and that she doesn’t spend a dime on the event itself. The only thing the bride should pay for is her meals {unless she has offered to pay for herself}. PS – DO NOT PUT ON HER DRESS! 😉 If you haven’t seen Bachelorette, well…go watch it and do NOT do anything from the movie! haha


2. Make sure the Bachelorette is affordable! The economy nowadays doesn’t allow for much wiggle room in our wallets, right?? This may be #AATB, but the bride will want her friends with her! It isn’t fair to plan a $1,000 trip to Vegas if one of the girls is a part-time waitress and full-time student.  A night on the town can be plenty! Just have fun!Step 1-Let the girls privately message you about the costs.  Make sure to say “If you cannot afford this, please Private Message or Text me and I will come up with another idea!” :)  NEVER share which girl said she couldn’t afford it. That is RUDE. Step 2-List your ideas and allow the girls to help collaborate and find good deals! Step 3- Come up with costs. Include the Bride’s costs, she shouldn’t pay for her Bachelorette.



3.Be careful with Social Media. You do not need to post a picture of a bridesmaid on a pole with her panties showing. Instead, keep to the cute group pics, the site seeing, and maybe a few of the fun experiences (ie Bride gambling for the first time, Lighting a Fire if you go camping, etc.) Instagram and Facebook are reflections of you. You don’t need your boss seeing how wild you were over the weekend, am I right?



4. Designate a Driver! Because this is #AATB, make sure you take care of her! As the Maid/Matron of Honor, you should play the ‘mom’ of the group if there aren’t any volunteers. Someone needs to be strong and in the right mind {sober… ;)}. Take a cab or stay within walking distance of where you are staying.

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5. Stay Classy. We are ladies! Try not to do anything you will regret at work on Monday… Easier said than done, I know, but I have FAITH in you! :)

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