7 Small Reminders Before You Walk Down The Aisle

The day of your wedding is very crazy, in a good way! There is so much going on that you tend to not know where to begin! Schedule schmedule. At least that is how you might feel-I know I did.


Brome Howard Inn/Birds of a Feather Photography


This is the day you will wake up as a Miss for the LAST time. You will be hours away from walking down the aisle to say “I do” to the love of your life.

People tend to forget to think of what you need BEFORE the hair and makeup, hopping into your beautiful gown, and skipping excitedly to your future husband.

A few things to consider:

  1. Sleep: You NEED to sleep before the big day. Make sure to go to bed at a decent hour and give yourself at least 7 hours of sleep. I know everyone is different…I only had like 3-4 hours of sleep and let me tell you – I could feel it around lunch time. Thankfully the adrenaline kicked in and I was wide awake for the ceremony and reception! 😉
  2. Food: Are you staying at a hotel, B&B, etc? Are your Bridesmaids staying with you? There needs to be a way to make sure everyone has had their meal if they are not coming from their own home. If you are not planning to feed your BMs, make sure they know ahead of time and they can prepare. I suggest; however, that you provide lunch and/or munchies for the bridal party. Plan ahead…maybe your Mother or Mother in Law wouldn’t mind chipping in, or your MOH might make a cheese tray.
  3. Schedule: Make sure to task a bridesmaid/your mom/anyone to keep you on schedule and all of your bridal party. I was so in the zone and nervous that my hair stylist had to remind me to come get my hair done….haha!
  4. Go To Person: Make sure you have told all of your vendors to call or speak with a specific person about issues and questions. Make sure said person is reminded that morning, just in case! I tasked my MOH with this, and she took care of a few things that I had forgotten (giving the event coordinator my table numbers….).
  5. Final Payments: Are all of your vendors paid in full? I suggest doing this BEFORE the big day, but if that is not an option, make sure to have your envelopes ready!
  6. Last Minute Details: Did you give your toasting flutes to the coordinator? Does your guest book have a pen? Have you laid out the stepping stones for your bridesmaids to stand on??
  7. Enjoy your morning: When you wake up, take a small stroll, enjoy a cup of coffee, reflect and meditate on your past, present, and future. Smile at this wonderful thing about to take place. Take a moment to shoot a prayer to the Big Guy upstairs, give your mom a call good morning, and hug your BMs for being there. This will set the stage for the rest of the day. The morning of my wedding, I woke up so darn early and as I walked out of my room, my MOH came barreling at me and jumped in my arms squealing with joy! We grabbed a cup of coffee and strolled the grounds. Chatted. It was calm and happy. The perfect morning to a perfect day! Olga’s wedding morning started at 2am due to her excitement. We strolled the hotel halls, snuck into the pool room to soak our feet, drove to Starbucks. Just us. Everyone is different, but I highly suggest a slow morning because the rest of the day will FLY!

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