How to FLY!! {First Love Yourself}


Let’s get serious for a moment.

Body Shaming

We are all guilty of this, whether we are a man or woman, black or tan or white or freaking green! It is an awful thing. It is a bad thing. It is bullying.


I wanted to talk about Body Shaming because when we prep for our wedding, weight loss or toning up is basically our number one goal. We want to look our best on this most important day. “I now have motivation,” we say. We want to shine and be beautiful so bad that we head to the gym, wake up at 5am to run, and watch everyone else eat that cupcake at work. And we are hating life.



Why do we do this? We do not allow others to pick on us, so why do we pick on ourselves? This is also contagious! You body shame yourself, then you body shame others, then you talk about it with friends and they hop on the body shaming train. Your child, your niece, your neighbor’s kid might here it or pick up on it and learn to do the same.


Can you pinpoint your first time noticing your body wasn’t good enough? For me, it was kindergarten. I was a thin kid, not a scrawny or scraggly one, but I was by NO means fat. I remember seeing some of the girls who were a little scrawnier than I was and thought “Why don’t I look like that?” I started to pick on myself. I wasn’t going to change my diet or exercise more or anything. I didn’t know that’s how people lost weight. I just remember being uncomfortable. It got worse when I hit 8th grade. Body changes and acne then a major move 3,000 miles away and THREE high schools. I was so mean to myself. I would convince myself that I wasn’t worth a boyfriend or any friends – I had some, but most weren’t my friends. I could go on and on about the things I said. I was a bully. I bullied myself into believing I wasn’t worth anything.

One day, I met my future husband. And you know what? He loved me so big that I finally realized that I was such a B***h to myself and I had to shut myself up.


Where am I going with this?

You are beautiful. You are smart. You are clever. You are perfect. AND you are loved. {Hello, that’s why you are getting married!!!}


You don’t need to lose that extra 10lbs to look great or to shine at your wedding. You will be in a GORGEOUS dress and you will feel amazing! You will be the star of the night. Your husband will see ONLY you! Your family will cry because of how stunning you look. You want to know how they see it if you cannot? You are in love and you are happy!


Happy women are the most beautiful.

I want to challenge you all to start every morning with a compliment. Give yourself a break and tell yourself your smile is beautiful! Your body is just fine! Your legs look great with your new tan. Your eyes are extra sparkly today. I don’t care what you say but it has to be kind!!

Stop bullying yourself. Start loving yourself.




I love you all so much!



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