Featured Vendor: Jill Christine Design and Photography


Hi Jill!! I am so happy to have Jill Christine Design and Photography on Butterfly Kisses!


What made you decide to enter into the wedding industry? How did you decide on photography? How long have you been photographing weddings?

I decided to enter the wedding industry after my sister got married in 2004. She hired Sandi Foraci of Sandi Foraci Photography to photograph her wedding. Sandi is incredibly talented and one of the kindest and most generous people in the industry. Her love for photography is so strong, it was contagious!

Can you describe your working style? Do you work alone or with another photographer?

I photograph weddings using a documentary approach. I believe people photograph better when they aren’t aware of the camera and my goal is to document the most genuine emotions possible.

I work with an assistant at every wedding. I love capturing two perspectives of each moment and also having someone to bounce ideas off of.

What distinguishes Jill Christine Photography and Design from other photographers?

This is a tough question as there are so many talented photographers in the field. But when choosing a photographer, assuming that the quality of work is similar and they are both legitimate businesses (registered with the state, carrying insurance, etc.), I think you should choose someone whose personality meshes well with your own. You spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you might think!

What options/packages do you offer to your couples? Are you willing to travel? Have you been on a destination wedding?

I offer a range of packages including coverage, high res image files, engagement sessions and albums. Couples always have the option to customize their package to best fit their needs.

When a couple wants to books with you, how far in advance do you recommend they do so? What is needed from them?

I recommend booking 10-12 months in advance if you’re getting married on a Saturday from March through November. Couples getting married on a Sunday or during the winter months may be able to wait a little longer before booking, but overall it’s best to book as soon as you’ve settled on your date and most likely your venue.

How long is your editing process? How many images will the couple get? Will it be on a site, CD, USB, etc?

Couples receive their images within two weeks of their wedding. They can access and download them through an online event gallery. On average, an 8-hour wedding yields around 1000 edited images.


What is your favorite part about being a wedding photographer?

My favorite part about photographing weddings is witnessing a truly joyful event and being surrounded by people that are just happy!

What is your favorite moment to photograph?

The getting ready moments are some of my favorite to photograph. You can just feel the excitement and love in the air.

What trends are you noticing with weddings? {themes, colors, etc.} What is your favorite?

Rustic weddings are still very popular though I am starting to see more romantic styles with pink and cream color palettes.

What are some of your favorite details to photograph?

The bride and groom holding hands. It’s a sweet reminder of how the relationship began.

Is there anything that you absolutely love to see on a wedding day?

Happy tears!

I have begun this new obsession with wedding cakes! What are some gorgeous and creative cakes you have seen?

A cake made entirely of Oreo cookies!

What is the most creative wedding you have been to or photographed?

I photographed a rustic themed wedding where the father of the bride made most of the décor including the table the bride and groom ate dinner at. I think it’s so special that they’re able to eat at the same table daily where they shared their first meal together as married couple.

What was your favorite detail from YOUR wedding?

A handkerchief that my mom made for me. On it, she sewed a flower from her wedding dress, my sister’s wedding dress and my grandmother’s wedding dress.


What do you notice worries the bride most on her wedding day and what advice can you offer her?

I notice that a lot of brides worry about everything going as planned. The reality is that the guests have no idea how things are supposed to happen so if something doesn’t go as planned, just roll with it as it’s like no one will notice.

Would you like to share some wedding and or marriage advice with BKMD brides?

Take a moment to stop and just look around at your wedding. Soak in all of the people who are present and feel how much they love and support you.

Thank you so much for chatting with Butterfly Kisses!


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