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Today, we have Brandi Erhard from Charming Grace Events on Butterfly Kisses!

BKMD: Hi Brandi! How are you?

Brandi: I’m great! Thank you for having me on your blog!


BKMD: You are so welcome! Thank you for doing this interview with Butterfly Kisses, we are very excited to talk about Charming Grace Events!

Brandi: I’m so excited to be here!


BKMD: What made you decide to become an Event Planner? How long have you been in the wedding industry?

Brandi: I have been in the wedding industry for a little over 4 years. I have always been a planner and organizer by nature, but I realized my passion for weddings while working at a golf course in Las Vegas. We would host weddings every weekend and they were just breath taking! I loved watching the bride’s vision come to life and seeing the bride’s face when everything came together was such an amazing feeling!


BKMD: Describe your team and your goals.

Brandi: I am the lead planner of my company and usually work alone. I have an amazing group of experienced assistants that I will bring on board if I have a larger wedding or if there is an extensive set up needed. I want my clients to feel at ease and know that I will bring all of their hard work and planning together better than they even imagined!


BKMD: What are the different packages Charming Grace Events offers?

Brandi: I offer 2 different packages; Day of Coordination and Full Service Planning.


BKMD: What are your favorite events to plan? Can you describe the first event you planned? How about first wedding?

Brandi: I really love planning weddings. I have experience with birthdays, anniversaries, banquets and even golf tournaments but wedding are my absolute favorite! When I started out in this industry, the first event I helped plan was a bridal show for the venue I was working for. It was crazy! There were so many vendors to keep track of and each of them had specific requests for their booths. We had a banquet room that held up to 300 people and it was packed the day of the show! It went off without a hitch and it reassured me that event planning was where I am meant to be!


BKMD: I know a lot of brides go back and forth about hiring an event planner, especially when on a limited budget. What’s your advice?

Brandi: I always try to educate brides on why hiring an event planner is so important. It breaks my heart when I hear brides say “I wish I would have hired a planner!” If I could turn back the hands of time and help them, I would! Almost everyone planning a wedding is on some sort of budget, unless you are a celebrity and the sky is the limit! I can’t stress enough that the right planner will be worth the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. Do you research and set up consultations to get to know them. You want to hire vendors that are like minded and understand your vision. As a planner, I am one of the first people to arrive at the venue and the last to leave at the end of the night. I make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be; from the location of the cake table to the angle you want a picture frame. Every tiny detail is managed and matters to me!


BKMD: What trends are you noticing with weddings? {themes, colors, etc.} What is your favorite?

Brandi: I love the shabby chic themed weddings. The mixture of old and new and adding some sparkle to it all is so much fun. This is my favorite wedding theme this year! I also love the “sweet heart corner” I’ve been seeing as a trend. Instead of having just a sweet heart table for the couple, people are decorating a whole corner like a little, cozy love nook complete with a love seat, throw pillows, side tables and pipe and drape!


BKMD: What are some of your favorite details to create?

Brandi: I love helping create color palettes and table designs. Some brides come to me and they have no idea what direction to go in. I like to sit down with them and really get to know their personal style so we can come up with a design that really stays true to who they are and tells their story.


BKMD: Is there anything that you absolutely love to see on a wedding day?

Brandi: I am such a romantic nerd! I cry at EVERY wedding! I always like to see that one moment that is so real in emotion and when my clients just get caught in the moment of “this is real!” It’s such a humbling feeling and makes my heart happy to see them happy!


BKMD: I have begun this new obsession with wedding cakes and how creative the bride and groom are getting! What are some cakes you have seen that have stood out?

Brandi: I always love seeing what clients come up with. Some of the most creative cakes I’ve seen include one that was a 3 tier cake with a fountain and uplighting! There was also a groom’s cake that was a replica of the UNLV stadium in Las Vegas. They were both so detailed and not your typical cake!


BKMD: If a bride is stressed, what advice do you give her?

Brandi: I just reassure her that her planning is on track and that everything is moving forward like it should. Wedding planning will be overwhelming to everyone at some point and you just need that voice of reason to let you know that everything is going to be ok!


BKMD: Any advice for the newlyweds?

Brandi: As cliché as it may sound, don’t take anything for granted. Enjoy every day together and always set aside time for one another even if it’s just to take a quick stroll on the boardwalk together! Don’t let a busy lifestyle take away precious time from yourself and loved ones.


BKMD: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Brandi: To all the newly engaged couples that are wedding planning, just remember to breathe! Remember that your wedding day is about celebrating you and your love story. Plan your wedding for you and don’t let anyone sway your decisions! Happy planning!!


BKMD: Thank you for taking the time to interview with Butterfly Kisses!

Brandi: Thank you so much for letting me share! I am always happy to answer any planning questions and help guide brides-to-be!

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