Volunteer Fire Department Engagement Session

Hey y’all!  Come read this cute lil story about fate……

He noticed her first.

Timmy wasn’t even supposed to be at Golden Beach”s Fourth of July parade on that Saturday morning in 2009, he was supposed to be at work.  But Timmy had decided to take off that day so that he could ride Hughesville VFD’s engine in the parade.  JoAnne found herself unexpectedly off from work that morning too, and decided to ride in the parade with her crew from the Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad.  “I look at it as fate,” JoAnne says. “If it weren’t for both of us not going to work and deciding to go to the parade, we would have never met. We were not supposed to be there, and we were.” It was JoAnne’s friend who noticed that Timmy was looking her way. “She pointed Timmy out and I thought nothing more of it,” she says.  Meanwhile, Timmy was scheming to get her phone number.  “I got a text message from a friend of mine the next day, and she said that Timmy had seen me and really wanted my number. I told her ‘why not?’, and I pretty much got a text message from him right away.”  Two weeks later, they went on their first date. Five years later, he asked her to marry him. We met up with JoAnne, Timmy, and Kara at Sotterly Plantation in St. Mary’s County for the first leg of their engagement session, then moved to Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department for a few shots at the station.  “We chose the fire house because it is a hobby that we both have been doing for eleven years and love every second of it,” JoAnne explains. “Kara is also wanting to do fire rescue when she gets older so I am hoping this will be just one of the good memories she will remember about growing up at the fire house.” JoAnne and Timmy, we definitely made some fantastic memories shooting your engagement session, and are looking forward to making a few more when we shoot your wedding on June 13, 2015!

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I cannot stand how cute this pic is!

I cannot stand how cute this pic is!

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Photographer: Danny Douglas Photography


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