DIY: Bridal Party Hanger

Something really popular in today’s wedding world is the wedding dress hanger. Bridesmaids are now hopping in on the trend. Here is a cute and simple DIY hanger for the bridesmaid! {Courtesy of Kate Sheehan from the series #RubinskyWedding}

There ARE SO MANY different styles you can do with this. I have made hangers, for two of my friend’s weddings and now for mine and they have all looked completely different (to fit into the style of the weddings). For the ones I did for my wedding here are the supplies that I used:

DIY Hangers

Hanger, Ribbon, Gold Alphabet Stickers, Glue

I have found that using alphabet stickers is WAY easier than trying to write on the hangers with markers/pens, plus it looks better than my hand writing! I like to use a tooth pick to help me put the stickers on the hanger. The tooth pick makes it easier to maneuver the letter; also it makes sure that the sticky backing doesn’t get dulled down by touching your fingers.

DIY Hangers step 1

Finally, ones all the letters were secured I tied the bow on the top. I tied the bow using the bunny ear style that can be used to tie the shoes, I found that it makes the bow’s sides look more even.

DIY Hangers step 2

Another Idea:

For my friend’s wedding (the theme was flowers of all different colors, burlap, and lace) I made these hangers. I spray painted the hangers white then painted them with a white pearly acrylic paint. Next I put the stickers on. The crowning touch was the flower which we hot glued on.

Flower Girl Hangers


These are the flower girl hangers. I got child size hangers and spray painted them white. Then used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers to it, and finished it off with a gem sticker hot glued to the centers of the flowers.

Flower Girl Hangers Final





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