My Marriage Advice: Icky Advice Articles

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Alrighty, y’all — Get ready. I am going to share my opinion on how to keep a relationship/marriage strong. I have been reading a lot of Yahoo news, CNN, etc. Do you know what I am finding? A crapload of articles that are titled something along the lines of, “How to know if he’s the one” or “10 signs that show that you’re meant to be married,” etc. I don’t know about you, but these things sort of bother me. I know we all have read Cosmo Girl, Cosmopolitan, and a bunch of other magazines geared towards the single ladies, but do people truly believe in this? Yes. Unfortunately. If you have to read an article that has 5 helpful hints {insert whatever you want here}, then you probably shouldn’t be with your partner, or perhaps you aren’t confident in your relationship and you need to walk away or work harder at it.

I know, I have only been married for a year and a half {We have been together 9 1/2 years}– but hear me out… My parents have been married for almost 29 years {though they will tell you it feels like 186 years 😉 }. They are my role models for a healthy and happy relationship. My mom has told me that stating my opinion in a relationship will get you far because you’re being honest up front. Let me tell you about my hubs and I…


Jon and I argue like cats and dogs. We are total opposites. He is outgoing, spontaneous, likes to do activities that are insane to me {skydive, roller coasters, bungee jump}, and a realist. I am a planner, a control freak, and have an imagination like a 5 year old. I dream BIG while Jon dreams logically. But you know what? We balance each other out. He is strong in all the places I am weak. And I need that. I love balance. I do NOT need a quiz or a “8 signs your relationship won’t workout” article to tell me about him and I. I mean, for real? The author does NOT know me. Only I do.


Now, here is my #1 Marriage Rule: COMMUNICATION

My mom said to me, “If you don’t tell him how you feel, you will never be happy.” Well let me tell you, I make sure the man knows how I feel, think, every goal and dream I have. We tell each other everything. I mean EVERY SINGLE THING. If he upsets me, you can bet he will know it immediately, and vise versa. If I get a new celebrity crush {Chase Rice…} he knows. haha. TALK to each other. If this is the person you will spend your life with, then they deserve to know how you feel. Now, notice I said talk, not yell 😉 haha.


#2: Show your love and appreciation

Whether you cook a 5-course meal one night, he brings you flowers, or y’all send hand written notes. You need to share your love and appreciation with each other. Be physical, too. Put your hand on his, a kiss on the cheek, a massage, and sex. God made sex, and he made it good for a reason. I truly believe this keeps you and your partner strong and in touch with each other.


#3: Spend time away from each other

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I am not saying to separate, or be swingers Lol, I am just saying to make sure to give yourselves ‘Me-Time’ every now and then. Have a Girl’s Night out, go to the beach for a weekend, hide out in your room with a good book. Do what you gotta do! It makes your time together even more precious. Trust me.

My point to all of this is that you need to trust yourself. You want to be on the same page as your husband, so communicate. When he shows his love for you, it will make you more confident in your relationship. And having some time apart will help keep the fire burning. Trust yourself, not a silly article you found in Cosmo or online.

Ok, I’m done…comment away with your thoughts!!


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