How To: Happy and Healthy Marriage

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I had to talk about this article, “Lasting Relationships Come Down To Two Basic Traits,” by Emily Esfahani Smith.

First, I will give you a moment to click the link and read…

Done? Awesome. :)

How crazy is it that scientists had to conduct multiple experiments to find out how a marriage lasts? Two things were determined to make sure you have a long and happy marriage: Kindness and Generosity

Did you got to church as a kid? I did…And you know what they taught??

Did you go to SCHOOL as a kid? And what were you taught?

Heck, did you have anyone teach you how to treat anyone?? What did they say??

To. Be. Kind. To love one another. Be nice to each other. { ← um, I am pretty sure my mom said this one to me and my sister a thousand times as kids ha!}

What’s the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I mean COME ON science! DUH!

I may have only been married just over two years, but I have been with my husband for TEN years {as of May 29th!!} and I like to think I know a few things about relationships. They work if the two people in them want it to work. You BOTH have to be in it 100%, you HAVE to be nice to each other. You can be mad, you can argue, you can fight. But only some of the time. You should LOVE one another, give to each other, care for each other.

We get married when we are so sure that they are THE ONE that it hurts {in a good way}! Savor that feeling of why you got/are getting married, why you fell in love with him/her, why you stayed this long…and remember that during the hard times.


Here is a little advice for y’all. Show appreciation to your partner. Love them. And most of all–something this article should definitely have mentioned, FORGIVE.

If we can forgive, than we are already on our way to a long and happy and healthy marriage.

Now go send a text, give a kiss, say thank you, or maybe some hanky panky to show your love {yah, I went there!!}!


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